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Weather Watch

Access unlimited weather data from any point of the world in real-time and completely wirelessly with Ingenious Lab’s Weather Watch system. Compatible with most weather stations, including SIAP Micros, Jing Yang Weather Stations, and more, the Weather Watch system is fully customizable and can be programmed to provide your business with extensive weather information on-demand.

The robust hardware watchdog timers ensure stable communication between devices and remote host servers, keeping downtimes to a minimum and ensuring consistent, reliable service. Scientists that utilize the Weather Watch system will be able to easily and quickly manipulate, analyze, and display the data, eventually producing more accurate warnings and forecasts in a very time-sensitive and safety-critical industry.

Utilizing advanced RF technology, our Flood Watch system is the current state-of-the-art in weather watch technology, allowing you to monitor rain levels, gauge the speed of water in canals, and revers and accurately predict the motion of severe weather elements. Powered by solar energy and with its |P-67 water-proofing standard and robust build, the Flood Watch is your trusted ally in handling critical conditions.

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    Weather Watch
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    20 May, 2020