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Satellite Vehicle Tracking System

Ingenious Labs brings high-end technology to introduce a brand-new approach to Vehicle Monitoring. Combining impressively cost-effective functionality with ease of use and maintenance, our system provides you with full real-time GPS tracking of your vehicle through your PC or smartphone.

This allows for both tracking of individual vehicles, as well as for fleet management and cargo security, making it the ideal cost-effective vehicle tracking solution for car rental businesses, cargo transport, and logistics enterprises.

As our system utilizes satellite data rather than relying merely on cellular coverage, it’s just as effective at tracking vehicles in the busy city streets as it is in remote rural areas. Thanks to the enhanced user interface, you can monitor your vehicles’ status and keep an eye on the driver’s behavior, preventing damages, losses, and theft.

Through the use of complex hardware architecture and powerful microprocessors, our devices also include additional capabilities such as jammer detection, Thuraya integration, ACC parking safety ignition coding system, and RFID integration. Track up to 10 million vehicles through seamless GPRS communication and automate the monitoring processes with phone and SMS notifications.

With Ingenious Labs, out of sight does not mean out of touch.

  • Clients:
    Jessica Brown
  • Category:
    Satellite Vehicle Tracking System
  • Date:
    20 May, 2020