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Restaurant Management System

Ingenious Labs’ Restaurant Management System is an open platform-based system using a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), specifically developed to suit the needs of the fast-paced restaurant industry.

The SOA model allows you to decouple the individual elements of the system and switch with ease between the order terminals and the backend database. This is essential for both upgrade capability, as well as continuous functionality in case of hardware failure.

Upon request, our experts would be more than happy to implement embedded systems to develop specific handheld devices and terminals for smoother communication between waiters and kitchen staff. In turn, these systems allow your staff to communicate order details and their status, as well as handle the housekeeping —book and allocate tables—without a hitch.

Designed exclusively for the restaurant industry, the Restaurant Management system comes with a user-friendly Ul to ensure your staff can easily navigate it with minimal training. The system also supports home-delivery, Bmw models including delivery rider tracking, automatic status messaging, order processing, and customer support. For businesses that reserve tables and set up orders through the phone, our system is also integrated with a multichannel SIP VOIP system to further simplify and improve customer interaction and call handling.

  • Clients:
    Jessica Brown
  • Category:
    Restaurant Management System
  • Date:
    20 May, 2020