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Isolated Healthcare Monitoring Chamber

Monitoring the health of patients without the need for direct physical contact is a game-changer for the medical field. The practice minimizes the risk of infection and virus spread to both non- and immuno-compromised patients alike, while also eliminating the need for personal protective equipment.

Our cutting-edge Isolated Healthcare Monitoring System consists of an isolated chamber, equipped with an array of wireless instruments that keep track of the patient’s weight, temperature, blood pressure and pulse, as well as 5 Lead ECG, Heart Rate Respiration and stethoscope data monitoring tools for cardiac and pulmonary sounds. The wireless stethoscopes our pornhub chamber uses employ high- end 100x amplification transducers and ambient noise isolation, which allows your medical personnel to listen to a patient’s heart and lungs in detail with no outside noise. Additionally, the chamber comes equipped with a four-dimensional UVC to automatically sterilize the interior from any viral or bacterial microorganisms once the patient leaves.

Designed to reduce the risk of infection, while keeping efficiency high, the Isolated Healthcare Monitoring System allows for complete vital signs monitoring in isolation. To ensure adherence to patient confidentiality practices, the chamber can also be integrated with your current hospital ERP system, using high-end encryption to secure and simplify the storage of patient data.

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    Isolated Healthcare Monitoring Chamber
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    20 May, 2020