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Embedded Textile Framework

The textile industry is a highly versatile industry with a plethora of unique features that distinguish from most other manufacturing sectors. That’s why the personalized embedded textile framework is of the essence.

At Ingenious Labs, we leverage the expertise of our in-house specialists to develop brand new, a custom-tailored industry-specific framework for textile businesses. Over the years, we have developed and refined our Embedded Textile Framework to maximize business performance and resource management. We do so by identifying the culprits of waste or inefficiency in your organization Bmw models and help you achieve full control over your production cycle, business processes, and resources.

Our solution employs an arsenal of embedded wired and wireless devices that interact and communicate with each other and with your system. This allows you to gather real-time data on all your processes and accurately monitor any changes. Our framework contains the latest data modeling and communication architecture, essentially providing the maximum data with minimum user input, while simultaneously eliminating data lag and gaps. With a fully transparent overview of your business operations, including your carbon footprint, we equip you with the tools to make smarter business decisions for higher ROls.

  • Clients:
    Jessica Brown
  • Category:
    Embedded Textile Framework
  • Date:
    20 May, 2020