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Embedded Textile Framework

The textile industry is a highly versatile industry with a plethora of unique features that distinguish from most other manufacturing sectors. That’s why the personalized embedded textile framework is of the essence.

At Ingenious Labs, we leverage the expertise of our in-house specialists to develop brand new, a custom-tailored industry-specific framework for textile businesses. Over the years, we have developed and refined our Embedded Textile Framework to maximize business performance and resource management. We do so by identifying the culprits of waste or inefficiency in your organization and help you achieve full control over your production cycle, business processes, and resources.

Our solution employs an arsenal of embedded wired and wireless devices that interact and communicate with each other and with your system. This allows you to gather real-time data on all your processes and accurately monitor any changes. Our framework contains the latest data modeling and communication architecture, essentially providing the maximum data with minimum user input, while simultaneously eliminating data lag and gaps. With a fully transparent overview of your business operations, including your carbon footprint, we equip you with the tools to make smarter business decisions for higher ROls.

Isolated Healthcare Monitoring Chamber

Monitoring the health of patients without the need for direct physical contact is a game-changer for the medical field. The practice minimizes the risk of infection and virus spread to both non- and immuno-compromised patients alike, while also eliminating the need for personal protective equipment.

Our cutting-edge Isolated Healthcare Monitoring System consists of an isolated chamber, equipped with an array of wireless instruments that keep track of the patient’s weight, temperature, blood pressure and pulse, as well as 5 Lead ECG, Heart Rate Respiration and stethoscope data monitoring tools for cardiac and pulmonary sounds. The wireless stethoscopes our chamber uses employ high- end 100x amplification transducers and ambient noise isolation, which allows your medical personnel to listen to a patient’s heart and lungs in detail with no outside noise. Additionally, the chamber comes equipped with a four-dimensional UVC to automatically sterilize the interior from any viral or bacterial microorganisms once the patient leaves.

Designed to reduce the risk of infection, while keeping efficiency high, the Isolated Healthcare Monitoring System allows for complete vital signs monitoring in isolation. To ensure adherence to patient confidentiality practices, the chamber can also be integrated with your current hospital ERP system, using high-end encryption to secure and simplify the storage of patient data.

Satellite Vehicle Tracking System

Ingenious Labs brings high-end technology to introduce a brand-new approach to Vehicle Monitoring. Combining impressively cost-effective functionality with ease of use and maintenance, our system provides you with full real-time GPS tracking of your vehicle through your PC or smartphone.

This allows for both tracking of individual vehicles, as well as for fleet management and cargo security, making it the ideal cost-effective vehicle tracking solution for car rental businesses, cargo transport, and logistics enterprises.

As our system utilizes satellite data rather than relying merely on cellular coverage, it’s just as effective at tracking vehicles in the busy city streets as it is in remote rural areas. Thanks to the enhanced user interface, you can monitor your vehicles’ status and keep an eye on the driver’s behavior, preventing damages, losses, and theft.

Through the use of complex hardware architecture and powerful microprocessors, our devices also include additional capabilities such as jammer detection, Thuraya integration, ACC parking safety ignition coding system, and RFID integration. Track up to 10 million vehicles through seamless GPRS communication and automate the monitoring processes with phone and SMS notifications.

With Ingenious Labs, out of sight does not mean out of touch.

Weather Watch

Access unlimited weather data from any point of the world in real-time and completely wirelessly with Ingenious Lab’s Weather Watch system. Compatible with most weather stations, including SIAP Micros, Jing Yang Weather Stations, and more, the Weather Watch system is fully customizable and can be programmed to provide your business with extensive weather information on-demand.

The robust hardware watchdog timers ensure stable communication between devices and remote host servers, keeping downtimes to a minimum and ensuring consistent, reliable service. Scientists that utilize the Weather Watch system will be able to easily and quickly manipulate, analyze, and display the data, eventually producing more accurate warnings and forecasts in a very time-sensitive and safety-critical industry.

Utilizing advanced RF technology, our Flood Watch system is the current state-of-the-art in weather watch technology, allowing you to monitor rain levels, gauge the speed of water in canals, and revers and accurately predict the motion of severe weather elements. Powered by solar energy and with its |P-67 water-proofing standard and robust build, the Flood Watch is your trusted ally in handling critical conditions.

Restaurant Management System

Ingenious Labs’ Restaurant Management System is an open platform-based system using a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), specifically developed to suit the needs of the fast-paced restaurant industry.

The SOA model allows you to decouple the individual elements of the system and switch with ease between the order terminals and the backend database. This is essential for both upgrade capability, as well as continuous functionality in case of hardware failure.

Upon request, our experts would be more than happy to implement embedded systems to develop specific handheld devices and terminals for smoother communication between waiters and kitchen staff. In turn, these systems allow your staff to communicate order details and their status, as well as handle the housekeeping —book and allocate tables—without a hitch.

Designed exclusively for the restaurant industry, the Restaurant Management system comes with a user-friendly Ul to ensure your staff can easily navigate it with minimal training. The system also supports home-delivery, including delivery rider tracking, automatic status messaging, order processing, and customer support. For businesses that reserve tables and set up orders through the phone, our system is also integrated with a multichannel SIP VOIP system to further simplify and improve customer interaction and call handling.

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